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Introduce yourself - Bart - 08.12.2009

Here you may write something about you - where you are from and why you are here.

Introduce yourself - mimitto - 09.12.2009

Hi everybody,
This is Myriam, from Tunisia and a Big fan of Dire Straits :-))

Introduce yourself - Bart - 09.12.2009

You are most welcome Uśmiech By the way: we have been doing this little project, a ranking for all DS and MK longplays. At the moment we vote fore "The ragpicker's dream": - I guess you don't need Polish to get the picture Oczko Don't hesitate to vote!

Introduce yourself - Bart - 09.12.2009

So, tell us more Uśmiech Since when you have been into MK music? Have you seen him on a concert? etc. etc. Oczko

Introduce yourself - MARTINEZ - 24.12.2009

hi Miriam, nice to hear... maybe you can join us June, July or August Uśmiech on fans meeting ?

Bart maybe we can use google translate for our topics ?

Introduce yourself - Chuckovskyyy - 16.08.2012

Hi my name is Sebastian. And Im from Ciechanów. Im here because, im a big dire strait's and Mark Knopfler's Fan. Im 13 years old. And im new in And i think i dont feel sorry :].

Introduce yourself - MARTINEZ - 30.08.2012

Hi, why in english ?Uśmiech
A wlasnie bo chyba nie mamy dzialu po polsku ? czy sie myle

Introduce yourself - MARTINEZ - 01.12.2012

dlaczego nikt sie nie przedstawia ?

Introduce yourself - Ania_M - 23.12.2012

My name is Ania, nice to meet you, Marti. Duży uśmiech

Introduce yourself - Mac - 24.03.2015

Hi everyone, I'm Mac, thank you for having me here Uśmiech have been Mark Knopfler's fan since 1985

Introduce yourself - Bart - 01.04.2015

Hi Mac Uśmiech